Your Virtual Assistant

PA By The Day is based in the East Midlands but, because we offer you the service of a virtual assistant, we can work virtually anywhere.

Founded by a former executive PA, with 20 years’ experience working for directors and senior level managers in major corporations, PA By The Day provides all of the professional services you’d expect from a permanent personal assistant, without the added expense or employment responsibilities.

From booking your travel and accommodation arrangements to finding the perfect gift when you just don’t have the time for lunch time shopping, you can rely on your PA by the Day virtual assistant to keep your work and home life running smoothly.

What is a Virtual Assistant

Your PA by the Day virtual assistant provides professional administration for your work or home life.

Despite the virtual tag, she is a real person so she can travel to your office if essential. However because she usually works from her own office, you won’t need to provide equipment or desk space to accommodate your virtual assistant and you don’t have to worry about tax, employer’s national insurance, sickness or holidays.

PA By The Day can tailor a package of regular time and services to meet your requirements or you can simply call, text or email, whenever you have a task for your virtual assistant. And you’ll only ever pay for the support you need.

Affordable, Flexible Pricing

PA By The Day charges a competitive hourly rate for on-demand services, provides quotes for substantial, one-off projects and offers favourable rates for regular retained services.

Should your virtual assistant occasionally need to visit your office, we simply ask you to pay travel time and expenses at cost.

Getting the support you need to allow you to focus on your business, career or family is much more affordable than you might think and the benefits can be priceless as some of our previous clients have told us.

Please contact us to find out just how flexible and easily affordable your PA By The Day can be.write my essaywrite my papers