How Audio Transcription Can Help You Save Time In Your Working Day.


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essay writer for youbuy essaysWe often speak to business owners that tell us there just aren’t enough hours in the day. They spend time during the working day attending meetings with clients or delivering their service, stuff then, no rx in the evening or weekends they end up trying to catch up with typing notes.

As well as being very time consuming this can lead to a lot of tension and backache, about it especially if they are using a laptop at home. We have been looking at ways to help our clients save time and also become more productive.

We have quite a few clients who now use our audio transcription service and they have told us just what a big difference this has made for them.

Some have invested in a dictaphone and others use dictation functions on their phone. We did some research into dictaphones for our clients and we found some good quality ones costing as little as £35. If you have an iPhone you can access this function for free. Our clients now either record client meetings, obviously it’s important to get permission from all those at the meeting, or in other cases they dictate letters, emails and documents. The recordings are then emailed over to us straight away.

We have special audio equipment which allows us to listen to the recording and if necessary we can even slow down the recording to allow us to accurately capture what is being said. The documents are typed up, checked and sent to the client for them to use as required. One of our clients told us it’s made a real difference to her daily working day and the turn around time has been very impressive.

We have even been able to help some students by typing up assignments or dissertations. The added advantage of using our service is that we will format all documents so they look very professional.

If you want to buy a dictaphone we can advise on some cost effective models you can use. So if typing up notes or emails is starting to become a headache get in touch with us by email or give me Joanne a ring on 07593 785 bitcoin sites