essay writergenius miningI’m often asked by clients why they need a database.  My reply is:

  • How do you track all your clients and prospects?
  • Can all your team get hold of contact details when they need them
  • How do you access details when you’re conducting a marketing campaign?

A database is essential for all businesses.  It holds all your contact details in one place.  You can use an excel spreadsheet, ed online CRM or a purpose built CRM system, the choice is yours!

The benefits to you and your business:

  • As your business grows your database will grow too.
  • The whole team can access the information.
  • This will enable you to make critical decisions for marketing.
  • Allows you to segment contacts for specific campaigns.

If you use a CRM system everyone can update after every contact with an individual so you have a clear contact history.

It’s important to remember to keep you database up to date and clean.  Removing any old contacts that may have moved and adding new contacts in.

If you need any help or advice on databases please do give me a ring on 07593 785 745 or email me

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